​​Intravenous therapies' refer to the administration of specific solutions into the bloodstream of a patient via a needle injection into the vein.

I.V. therapies are used to treat everything from cancer(s) to immune disorders, cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) diseases, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and infections. Chelation therapy is best administered via I.V. injection.

I.V. therapies are often referred to as 'nutrient therapies', as the solutions injected are combinations of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural substances and (occasionally) plant extracts.

While a new concept to many patients, these nutrient therapies have a considerable amount of use and have been published in numerous medical studies. Especially the Myer's Cocktail and its use in treating immune disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

How these nutrient I.V. therapies work is by rapidly replacing and/or increasing levels of nutrients required for the biochemical functioning of the body. While pharmaceutical drugs work by manipulating chemical reactions in the body, I.V. therapies work by infusing the nutrients used to fuel the reactions necessary for the body to manage itself. By giving the body the ingredients it needs to work, the body can then take over and repair itself and return to proper functioning. This is a far superior to giving a medication to treat the symptoms of a condition.

I.V. therapies replace the nutrients, vitamins, minerals or natural chemicals whose deficiency cause a condition to occur in the first place. Their primary advantage is that, unlike oral pills (of the same ingredients injected into the bloodstream), they bypass the need for intestinal absorption and liver metabolism. This advantage is crucial. Many patients have impaired abilities to digest and fully absorb oral supplements of vitamins, natural medicines etc. In fact, with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, compromised nutrient absorption is a common causative factor found in many patients with the condition. By not absorbing the nutrients consumed in foods or nutritional supplements, these patients end up with a deficiency of the nutrients required to produce energy (called ATP) in their cells. Muscles lack the nutrients required for proper functioning and their immune cells can, likewise, become impaired. 

By injecting these core nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural chemicals straight into the bloodstream, impaired intestinal absorption is no longer of concern. The patient gets 100% of the intended nutrients immediately into their blood and, hence, tissues and organs.

Why intravenous and not oral?

Intravenous administration of nutrients bypasses digestion, and processing by the liver. Keep in mind that everything we swallow must first be digested and passed through the portal vein to the liver, where nutrients will be disseminated to the rest of the body. That makes it difficult to use effective enough doses to bring forth a quick physiological change. Further, intravenous therapy creates "tissue saturation", the ability to get the nutrients where we want them, directly in the circulation, where they can reach body tissues at high doses, without loss.

Did you know that almost 90% of the glutamine consumed in the human diet is used by the cells that line the intestinal tract (enterocytes) as a source of energy and only 10% reaches the circulation? Did you know that only roughly 30 to 40% of the magnesium taken orally is absorbed? Now imagine being ill, having a magnesium deficiency, and poor digestion. What do you think the odds are of fixing that problem with oral magnesium supplementation and digestive enzymes alone? The outcome would not be very good to say the least. 

More important than absorption and saturation, is the ability for doctors to administer dosages of these various nutrients in amounts that could not be consumed by using oral pills. As with the vitamin C (ascorbate) therapies discussed below, some patients are given 50 to 100 grams (ie. 50,000 mg to 100,000 mg) of Vitamin C in one treatment lasting 1 ½ to 2 hours. This ability is of significant medical value, as shown in the Vitamin C research in the treatment of cancer. When the U.S. government's National Health Institute published its findings in March, 2006 showing the I.V. treatment's ability to reverse terminal cancers, they noted the error of a previous study that failed to show the power of the treatment. The former study used oral pills of vitamin C and the National Health Institute called such an error a pharmaceutical 101 type of error (meaning pretty silly or basic type of error). The point is that I.V. therapies work by getting substantial amounts of a medicine, straight into the bloodstream (without losing most through poor intestinal absorption) and in amounts that exceed what could ever be absorbed if taken in pills. 

While the value and popularity of I.V. therapies are receiving increasing amounts of media and internet coverage, few doctors are trained and/or familiar with these treatments. The case of the National Health Institute's findings on the use of Vitamin C in curing cancer is an example of this reality. Accordingly, patients are rarely told of existing I.V. treatments capable of treating their various illnesses. 

There are literally dozens of I.V. therapies to treat everything from cancer to autism. Readers must note that these are not alternative' therapies. They are drawn from research of mainstream medical research, as well as the clinical experience (of several decades) of renowned medical doctors. 

While many I.V. treatments exist, the following give a general overview of therapies commonly used by Dr. Smith.

Toxic Metal Challenge

This is a screening test that allows the patient’s body to release hidden toxic metals so that your Physician may establish the level of toxicity that is present within an individual’s body.  It is superior to blood analysis.  It is the standard in testing for toxic metal burden. 

Chelation Therapy

This is the process by which toxic metals are removed from the body such as lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel and more.  This is done by commonly using the chelating agents EDTA, DMPS and DMSA (orally).  Several chelation agents may be used together to provide a synergistic effect when removing metals.  There is reported improvement in the function of kidneys, lungs, energy, immune system, vision, digestion and reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, cancer and arthritis.

Nutritional Support I.V 

These treatments include, but are not limited to, Mega Vitamin C, B-Complex, trace Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium and other ingredients determined by the Physician.  These types of I.V.s support natural health, as well as, treat specific needs of the patient.

Meyer’s Cocktail I.V.

This treatment is useful in situations when pain and/or inflammation are an issue.  This is a popular treatment used by many clinicians today and is also beneficial for adrenal support.  The health of the adrenal glands is crucial for proper health and well-being.

Hydrogen Peroxide I.V.

This anti-viral & oxygen promoting treatment is wonderful when addressing infection whether it be viral or bacterial. It is a powerful treatment for candida and other fungal infections, as well.  H2O2 I.V.’s are used to treat many cancers as well as HIV/AIDS and other immune system compromising ailments.  Patients report increases in energy as  well due to the energizing effects of oxygen being released throughout the body.  This is a remarkable treatment for anyone who wants to detoxify and cleanse as well.  

Mega Vitamin C I.V.

We all know that vitamin C is good for the immune system but mega doses of vitamin C (beyond that of what you can ingest) has a destructive effect on Cancer as well as many Immune Boosting properties.  When using vitamin C in a high does orally, you typically suffer with bouts of diarrhea since the body simply cannot withstand such a large dose. This is why vitamin C must be taken at intervals throughout the day rather than all at once.  But when administered intravenously, vitamin C bypasses the digestive system and is given directly to where it is needed most. This is a very effective therapy for cancer when used with other methods of treatment - 20,000 mgs. to 125,000 mgs. of Vitamin C.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) I.V

This wonderful substance is known as the Mother antioxidant.  ALA has the ability to go where no single antioxidant has gone before and that is beyond the blood-brain barrier.  ALA renews and regenerates vitamins such as vitamin C and E to prolong their beneficial effects all throughout the body.  ALA is crucial to the immune system as well as for the manufacturing of cellular energy.  ALA has been used therapeutically for liver disease and compromised immune systems.  ALA has gained popularity in the health and beauty area due to its ability to decrease the signs of aging like no other supplement can.  This is due to ALA’s ability to decrease inflammation dramatically throughout the body. 

Chronic Pain I.V.

This treatment is useful for management of general pain or pain related to illness.  

Allergy I.V 

This treatment is helpful in alleviating symptoms that are provoked by environmental influences as well as other allergens that a person may encounter.

Asthma I.V.

This treatment assists in managing asthma and symptoms associated with it.

B-Complex Cocktail I.V.

This high potency vitamin B12-complex treatment is useful for stress management andenergy production at a cellular level. B-vitamins are involved in all metabolic processes of the body as well as for proper brain function.

Back & Muscle Pain I.V.

This treatment is useful for pain related to pain related to inflammation as a result of injury.  It’s a great alternative to prescription medications that carry significant side-effects.

Macular Degeneration I.V.

This treatment is useful in the management and treatment Macular Degeneration. 

Amino Acids I.V.

This nutritional treatment is useful for increasing amino acids within the body.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Adequate amino acids must be present for the body to function properly.  Without them your tissues would break down.  This treatment is beneficial for deficiency of nutrients as well as poor diet.

Ultimate Energy I.V.

This popular treatment is one of the most sought out I.V.’s offered in our clinic.  This treatment helps to increase cellular energy without the use of stimulants.  It is beneficial for fatigue and stress.  Users report improvements in cognitive ability as well afterwards.  This high potency therapy is popular with athletes as well as individuals who seek to obtain a greater edge with their health.  This is a great treatment that will fuel and replenish your body like a breath of fresh air.  Recharge your battery with this #1 I.V.!  

Glutathione (GSH) I.V.

This is called the Master antioxidant due to its necessity on the body.  Patients with compromised immune systems have been found to have low levels of glutathione (GSH) within their body.  By increasing GSH, the body’s defenses increase.  This treatment also addresses the stress the body endures due to illness or toxicity.  GSH allows the body to detoxify naturally by supporting the liver.  GSH is quite beneficial for all liver illness or disease processes.  GSH is also used for autoimmune diseases and cancer.