Hi, I'm Olivia.  If you're looking for 1 of my G-Pa's forms, don't cry, just click on my adorable face.


Hi, I'm Kaden here with my dad at Scene 75.  My G-Pa is taking my picture.  If you want to know more about my   G-Pa, just click on my picture.       Cute, aren't I?

What is a D.O.?


​Hi, I'm Grayson, Kaitlyn's brother.  I'm the new kid on the block.  My G-Pa's a D.O., if you're not sure what a D.O. is, just click on my face.  I'm the man

"Nothing is so healing as the human touch"

Hi, I'm River, Kaden's younger brother. Don't worry about the python, I got it.  If you want to know more about my G-Pa's therapies, just click on my picture.  Cuter, aren't I?

​Hi, I'm Jordan, Kaden & River's sister. I'm older now and in college. If you want to knock off a few pounds my G-Pa can help you do it.  Just click on my pix.

HCG Weightloss

​Bio on Dr. Smith

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn.  My G-Pa isn't taking the picture but he loves it.  If you want to contact my G-Pa, just click my picture.  We are cute!

​Hi, I'm Samantha.  I'm the oldest of the Kaden, River, Jordan bunch. I'm in the Coast Guard now.  My G-Pa made a great digestive enzyme product, GoldenZymes. Give them a try, Matey! Click me.

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J A M E S  E.  S M I T H, D.O.